Our goal is to maintain and improve gardens and or landscapes using the principles of "Plant Health Care" (PHC) .....The right plant in the right place. It involves monitoring, using preventive treatments and working with each client to achieve their desired level of care.

Our staff of Horticulturists are skilled in caring for Ornamental Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs & Small Trees.

Plant care includes:

Plant identification

Plant removal

New plantings




Pest & Disease Control


Structural Pruning


Planting Annuals


Fall Maintenance


Plant Fall Mums & Spring Bulbs

Divide Spring Flowering Perennials

Feed Trees & Shrubs

Remove leaves from beds

Applying Pre-Emergents for early weed prevention

Cut back Perennials and Roses where needed

Mulching where needed to reduce weeding and maintain moisture & protect from freeze thaws

Planning for Spring plantings and improvements.

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Our goal is to continue to not only maintain but improve the Gardens and Landscapes that we Service. Please click to enlarge and view our Portfolio.

Wild Horse Engraving

Wild Horse Engraving

To continue to employ skilled horticulturists during rain, ice, storms or heat waves, we have developed another way to express art with natural products. Creating sustainable memories with stone.

We can custom design Pet Memorials, Family Names, Garden Art, Inspiration or any other memory you would like put in stone.

For custom engraving information please call 636-861-9300.


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Sue Chaires has both designed and installed gardens since 2000. The company focus has shifted towards maintaining gardens and landscapes. She is a Horticulturist, ISA licensed Arborist, Master Gardener, Licensed Applicator
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